Of War and Rotten Journalism

What is evident from the stories filed by both Reuters and Al-Jazeera is that the target of Indian raid was a Jaisha-Muhammad seminary in Jaba, Pakistan.

Indian strikes hit trees, created craters, according to on-the-ground reports by Reuters. But, to verify that bombing happened inside the JeM seminary, PRESS needs access to the compound. The authorities have stopped the journalists from entering the premises. The account detailed by both Al-Jazeera and Reuters says it’s unlikely that Indian warplanes have attacked the seminary as there’s no visible damage to the building.

In this context, it’s to be noted that Indian warplanes might have missed the JeM seminary and instead bombed the outskirts.

However, when asked about the depth of fatalities in Balakot air strikes in the press briefing, IAF responded they have accomplished what they have targeted and publishing evidence requires the the node of the government.

India’s armed forces are bound to respect the orders of the political leadership and it’s easy to digest that it takes the government to make the ‘right call’ on it.

I’ve seen certain people calling Balakot attack, or at least the 300+ number of deaths, is a botched up claim by India’s army quoting news agencies. Reuters have clearly mentioned the 300+ death numbers were confirmed by a senior official within the armed forces, a claim that’s partially take the onus away from the already pliable Media.

Unlike the Surgical Strike claims — A BBC investigation found surgical strikes never happened — the armed forces have shown a clear case of aggression here to attack Pakistan.

It’s the same aggression that we should all wary of as India is showing the world that our age-old policy of attacking no-one is actually changing under the Modi government.

I’ve seen certain people celebrating the Reuters and Al-Jazeera stories to belittle the Indian Air Force strikes and thereby poking fun at the government.

But rather than the blunt jokes, we should all be relieved that an airstrike by India’s armed forces haven’t killed any civilian in Jaba.

Stories we hear from Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen places where coalition airstrikes on a daily basis is killing scores of unarmed civilians. These stories are becoming snippet news across the world making attacking unarmed civilian killings an ordinary thing. It shouldn’t be.

People in Kashmir getting killed in the cross border firing could be stopped by evacuating them from the border areas. But, armed forces invading airspaces of two nations and unleashing attacks could only hurt the ordinary people sandwiched in the conflict.

For this very reason we should all be relieved that Indian fighters have not hurted any civilians in the region. Those celebrating the Balakot as a failure has to understand that a warplane could hit the target of given an another chance. If we were to escalate the tension we have to see more such instances driven by pure rage of warmongering.

Does my statement sounds patronizing to Pakistan? Well no, I didn’t clapped for Imran Khan. I won’t call him a statesman to taunt Narendra Modi. As it’s been noted by same news organisations, Pakistan is the single most corrupt entity that perpetrates and feed Islamic terrorist groups in the region. Remember how Bin Laden was living his life king-size in Abottabad in Pakistan before he was hunted down by USA.

India needed to step up their defence for once to make Pakistan feel the heat and international community take the issue in a more serious way. With the current retaliation India has managed to seek the much needed attention but it should not be slipped and make way for a war.

And to quote a UN report, 2018 was the worst year for civilian deaths in Afghanistan war with 3800 people getting killed in the country.

In these times of extreme caution I warn you not to believe in the National Television. There’s no heroic in asking for a war, and those asking for it will never fight it.

Last three days I was out of touch with all these developments. I don’t have the habit of watching news TV discussion featuring Goswami or anyone. I’ve to admit that the viciousness some vile journalists have showed to escalate the tensions between two countries proves the rotten state of affairs within the fraternity I work.

Best thing you can do this week is switch off the TV, make strong tea and enjoy the evenings. Because watching warplanes flying over your head while running for life amid the tusseles of two nuclear-nations is a repeat of the frames from 1945, Nagasaki, Japan. We don’t want it, we don’t want that happen anywhere in the world, ever.


(Featured Photo: Black Sabbath US tour merchandise. Sabbath wrote the iconic anti-war rock song, War Pigs)


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