Son, Who’s Your Girlfriend?

My life is moving in a Vineeth Srinivasan movie track. There are silver linings everywhere, no villains, and tons of advice from random people, who has nothing to do with my life.

This past week I was in Thrissur, travelling direction less in the labyrinth they call Thrissur round. The driver of the auto rickshaw I hired – random man, probably in his 40s, strong built and grievously smiling — broke the silence with a question,

“What’s your girlfriend doing?”

I was shocked; I looked into the mirror to make sure that it was not my father in the driving seat. Thank God, it was not him.

“I don’t have one”

Then came an exclamation “heyy” like, I married his daughter.

“Why are you so curious?” I asked him.

“I married at 17” he said.

“Oh, youth wasted” I give it back.

Then he transformed himself into a Vineeth Srinivasan character and said,

Mone (son) this life is just precious, it’s long and demanding. Youth like you should chase everything, you have to live like you won’t regret when you’re my age”

He took a long breath and continued;

“I know you have a girlfriend, you both having a wonderful time. Enjoy it as much as you can, but don’t forget your family, your mom and dad, make sure she’s a good girl and your family won’t object”

I imagined every Vineeth Srinivasan character inside my head. The warmth of those characters be it the father in Jacob’s kingdom of Heaven or the Bus cleaner in Anandam, all saints all fragile, born to preach the gospel.

Then, I opened the Twitter on my smart phone, scrolled down through my timeline and handpicked an article that elaborating the topic; “Why Marriage is a thing of the past?”

Featured Image: An auto rickshaw guy in Ernakulam


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