Top Ten ‘Stranger Things 2’ Characters

Reviews of the Stranger Things 2 prove how good the show has become. After the success of Season one, it was doubted that how much surprise the show can reprise. It looks like Stranger Things have already become a blockbuster series with two more seasons of the show is expected to stream in coming years. Who came top of the chart after season two? I pick my favourite characters. Here’s my top 10 list of Stranger Things Season 2 characters.

10. Bob

Sean Austin as Bob| Photo courtesy of Netflix  

Who would have thought Joyce Byers will be dating someone normal and absolutely stranger to Hawkins’ secrets. Well Bob paid the price for his ‘ignorance’ though. Bob is the family guy who can’t stop loving Joyce and her kids. He’s very likable and understanding. Though the role is a bit clichéd -Good Samaritan dying in action- Bob does a Barbara in pulling off the otherwise predictable character. We can also forgive Bob for giving the worst ever advice to Will.

9. Mad Max

Sadie Sink as Maxine aka Mad Max | Photo courtesy of Netflix

The red haired girl was a mystery in the opening episode of season 2 with almost everyone tried to connect her with upside down, but, in reality it was her family life that was in upside down. She knew she was being watched by Stalkers but she kind of enjoyed it. For Billy being an A-list bully she can’t help her life but playing arcade wear the mask of the weirdo. Despite the party team – especially mike- being rude to her, she stick to the gang. She’s the eye candy of the middle episodes and we were more than eager to know when she going to learn the secrets. The kiss in the snow ball was the cherry topping, I feel for Max when how Eleven refused to shake hands.

8. Mike

Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler

Hero of the season one, Mike is on a supporting role here in season 2. He has become lonely and struggling to accept the departure of Eleven. He tried to redeem himself but Mad Max made him distance from his friends. With Lucas and Dustin fighting to impress Mad Max, Mike almost maintained a low profile and attached to Will. It’s Okay, he helped the team by tracking Shadow Monster. He’s our mike. A kiss of Eleven is all that he needed this season.

7. Lucas

Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair | Photo courtesy of Netflix

The biggest gainer this season, may be after Dustin, is definitely Lucas. From the season one’s rebellious, outspoken role, Lucas has transformed himself into a romantic yet understanding guy. The entry of Max made him both vulnerable (he spills the beans) and mature (he knows how to kiss). There are occasions where Lucas fights with Dustin and Mike, but this time around he was in total control. Erica might be the only person defying this.

6. Hopper

David Harbour as Jim Hopper

If the Duffers were not to create the character Bob, It would be Hopper pampering both Jonathan and Will. Instead, He ends up with ‘brat child’ Eleven. There’s no other character in Stranger Things as Hopper who can contribute so much charisma to the strangest things happening in Hawkins. Though his role looks like a side kick in season 2, we can’t deny the fact that our Chief deserves a break from meltdown.

5. Steve Harrington

Joe Keery as Steve I Photo courtesy of Netflix

Okay. Let’s face it — Steve loves Nancy and unlike the first season, where he was a total jerk, he deserves her too. The way Steve redeemed himself to be a protector of the children is amazing. His association with Dustin is so cool that we tend to believe it was necessary for Steve to take time off from all the ‘bull shit’. Joe Keeri is entertaining, especially with the Baseball bat.

4. Dustin

Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson

The only one instance looks boring that involves Dustin in season two is his reunion with Dart. It become a cliché (Wait a minute; this whole series is a homage to clichéd 80’s right?) Apart from this minor flow, the character looks absolutely amazing. Gaten Materazo delivers one of the best performances of the season. His wits, improvisations and additions are adept and entertaining. The relentless pursuit of greatness by the perennial underachiever looks fabulous in Materazo’s subtle acting.

3. Eleven

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven I Photo: Netflix

Dear Duffers, you can mess up with every character in Stranger Things but Eleven. Thanks to Millie Bobby Brown’s excellent acting, Eleven is now ‘MilEven’. One can argue that Eleven was reduced to a supporting role, at the same time you can’t deny the fact that she’s now out in the world, vying for a normal life like every other child and it requires her to do a soul search and a little bit of loitering. Millie is beautiful actress, her performance is just flawless that make us fall in love with character even on the weirdest episode – The Lost Sister – of the season 2. Don’t forget the kiss as well. From 80’s MTV like punk teen look she suddenly fit herself into a Barbie doll costume just to kiss Mike!

2. Mrs Byers

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers | Photo courtesy of Netflix

If you don’t know how to look after a 12 year-old ‘zombie’ boy, learn it from Joyce Byers. She is a loving mother and resilient fighter. This role is the tour de force of the entire series and it is well entrusted with the talented Winona Ryder. More than Will’s or anyone’s, this fight she had with the shadow monster matters most to Joyce. That’s why I like her. She is like Sarah Connor to me, without that biceps and Sun-glass, of course.

1. Will Byers

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers | Photo courtesy of Netflix

Here’s the revelation of the season — Mr. William Byers, Hawkins’ best kept secret. In the season one, Will’s story was more a narration through the reflections of his friends and family. But, when it comes to season two, Will becomes the gate to upside down. This role in the particular season was really challenging if not creepy. In addition, it contained a lot of nuanced notes of behavior that’s tough nut for anyone Will’s age. Noah Schnapp pulled it of brilliantly well. He was clever to conceal himself in the shell of sickness. His tears, his doubts, self loathing, everything was on point. Noah is the Mike of season two.


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