Notes from the unknown

When the two men came face to face, He was afraid to stand-up for his cause. He knew he was right. but more than the righteousness of the situation, he was drawn to his basic trait – To escape, the fear of facing the world, an emotion which embedded in him like the web of a spider, exhausting and pulling back.

Later, He admitted it;

“I’m an over-protected, spoiled son of a government official, whose only wish in life was to build a concrete house with four walls that will keep the outside world from meddling into our lives. I want to thank my Daddy for gifting me the most miserable childhood I can imagine”

That’s how I ended up liking this boy!


Featured Image: Ralph in Lord of the Flies. A symbol of childhood, insecurities and ‘lose of innocence’ as Mr. William Golding puts it


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