P Padmarajan’s best movie as director 

This list will be incomplete until I finish watching the very last Padmarajan movie.

He has over the years,  directed 17 feature films, all of them received near universal (among Malayali audience) acclaim.

I’ve watched only three movies, when I started this compilation. Thanks to YouTube streaming and Unlimited internet-data, I can watch movies everyday.

This list and rankings are temporary, hence would change anytime.

1. Oridathoru Phayalvan

Phayalvan has earned both critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release. Padmarajan has dealt with more powerful themes than Phayalvan. But that doesn’t make this movie inferior. This is one real production which he got everything clicked. The lives of people, knack of adapting literature to visual language, simple pleasures, philosophical depthness and remarkable humor.

2. Peruvazhiyambalam

This film marks Padmarajan’s debut as a director. An avant-garde production that easily slips into the realm of intellectual depth and paradixical whim, this movie is tough nut to crack. It’s not an average movie goers cinema – and rightly one of the finest metal ever created in Malayalam cinema.

3. Arappatta Ketiya Gramathil

This a charming movie. An absolute delight of every movie addict. Padmarajan’s extraordinary imagination and artistic brilliance combines in this rare masterpiece. Society, people, angst, taboos and every other conventions are being questioned with vigor. Stellar performances by Sukumari and Jagathy make this film a must watch.

 4. Thoovana Thumbikal

The most famous of all Padmarajan movies, Thoovana Thumbikal stood as an iconic work of art. For many this was the movie they witnessed the rebel Padmarajan talking straight to common man. Evocative dialogues and a seducing Sumalatha gave Malayali psyche the license to go astray, imitate Jayakrishnan and his heroics.

5. Namuk Paarkan

6. Desatanakkili

7. Innale

8. Moonnam pakkam


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