Road that lead to Wagamon

For us my friend Abijith and me this journey was around the corner for some time. Our obligations at home and office kept us at bay, until we made our mind to scale Wagamon hill station. Our vessel – A 350CC Royal Enfield Bike. I do not ride bike. So naturally, he becomes the captain.We share border with Kottayam district. That made our trip easy. 82Kms looks assailable. What made the twist though; we choose a Christmas day to go tripping. On Christmas, roads wear a deserted look. No traffic, no honking of cars, just peace. That is all I wanted.We hit the road precisely 8.45am.

As expected road was like a carpet laid just for us. We have no sightings of fellow bikers or jeering cars. Toddy shops along the Pala road too were out of business. All that we had in company were the stares of people, a kind of envy in their eyes simply because we were travelers.For people we were two travel freaks in a fancied Royal Enfield machine going places after places, and Wagamon just another pit stop for us. A moment of reckoning for me, No matter the method you opt, whether you bike or walk – People envy a traveler. They dream of becoming one. Life being too busy and drab everybody loves to take an escape.

I have a different take on this. For me travelling always make me aware of whom I am. It brings up many memories, past and future. I do not remember a single instance, when I pack my bag to go somewhere, my mind speak to me old things. If travel on a bus, the moment it accelerates I, in the same speed but reverse, think of my days. I feel Relationship, friendship among many other emotions lashing in the corner of my heart. When people say we travel to clear our mind, I think of this. For me travel is like a middle path – between past and future. Even though it kept, you concentrate on present.

When we get past Kottayam, temperatures came down. It is the first invitation one gets. Pillion rider can enjoy the hills playing hide and seek with the lush trees. Hairpin curves give Bike, a tough time but as a rider one enjoys it – Abijith said.Finally, after an arduous riding of three long hours we reached the top. Despite it being a Christmas holiday, we have seen so many visitors enjoying the day. Sun is hitting hard but still temperatures are low, wind hissing and slithering its way down the hairpins. Small vendors have seen selling pineapple and mangoes as well as ice creams.

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We skipped the viewpoint. Ride along the road chasing a Wagon-R car, just to gift back a smile, a beautiful woman in Santa clause-hat gave us. I have to admit her husband who drove the car was not that pleasing.

Then we landed up in Pine forest.This is a special place. A plantation of pine trees about 40acres or more. Once you are inside it, you do not see sun light. Wind blows and trees take a bend-like a wild kiss. You can feel the coldness of wind when it pierces through your shirt’s buttons. You feel like nature whispering at your ears. That is the moment you let your heart open and tell your story. We did the same!

We were not hungry but as mid day ritual, we had to eat. As you are in tourist place food is an important thing. Restaurants count you in numbers. The rush is just uncontrollable. They canvas tourist bus drivers and give them a commission to bring in people. This weird custom forced people to forget their appetite. You eat food very mechanically because you know that there is someone watches you over. They show dissent when you do not finish on time, because they will lose customers. I have always hated this idea. Whenever I feel to eat, I choose a very comfortable and peaceful place, even if it is costlier.

What we had for lunch? Biriyani I suppose. We had a good – but not the greatest on earth Biriyani before we set sail to the hideouts. Hideouts are the most important tourist attraction in Wagamon. They remind you of the place where Teletubbies live, hills without any trees. They go like the Alternative Current Waves. It spread almost 120acres. One needs a whole day exploring each one of them. On the valley of the first hill, they have made a beautiful lake. There the authorities have just started various activities like peddle boating, kayaking, canoeing etc…

We have strong winds in hide out. We lifted our jackets to the tune of the wind. That is a moment of jubilation, Abijith seen very happy to fly his jacket. He kept the jacket in his hands but inside him was a playful urge to let the jacket go and watch it fly away to faraway places. That is beautiful I mean, I always say, nature spots the child in you.


After which, we had an Ice cream, since I am not fond of ice creams, I do not remember the flavor. We circled a few tea plantations, pause ourselves to capture a few scenery, waved Ta-Ta to fellow travelers while descending the mountain road.

As we touched down our place, I was feeling blessed. However, more importantly I was wondering – How this middle path will separate my coming days.  Thinking that in mind, I said him good-bye.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead & dreams of flyin. But pilot on d plane sees d farmhouse & dreams of returning home.
~ Unknown

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