I hope all the poets will forgive me.

I’ll be coming back at you like the ocean.
Blanketing you with my tides of emotions,
Thereby we take cue from our lost days.
Nights defend their charm to show us light,
Lingering in our souls, which we unaware
A patient wait, I took ages to content.
I won’t kiss you but you realize I did
The ocean won’t remember our pains.
For enough tears it had seen, in evolution.
In fact the whole ocean, made up of tears
We obliged no god, no devil either.
We sinned to the bottom of our souls.
Thus we know we are free.
Every tide washes the shore, dies
shore is their obsession, short lived-
But wild was their passion.
We drink and it won’t taste drops saline
Taste of salvation might be sweeter
For we drink our last drops of our love
And you return to your dented corridor,
I go sailing with the last waves of reminisce-cold.


4 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. Beautifully put into words! painfully sweet, definitely worth the time reading. I have written a few poems about love. I hope you read them and tell me what you think. My native language is not English but I aim to be better at writing in English.

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