In Conversation : Frank Souler

I think we have talked a lot about this. We end up on a point where we all agree, I’mean both of us. You promised to do this no matter what happens. You first said, you were afraid to go because you feared the worst their. Then you have said you are willing to go because you want to break free. I said, your choice. I said, what you think fit. You convinced me that you go at will. You are ready to take it up without any complaints. It was not the heart of the matter. Like you do to all other culprits you call friends, you tried to sell a portion of your lies to me. Neither you want to go their nor you accept you are broken. Here is the point. Never lie to you, never fall pray to the beast in you. You have sold the world in which you belong, by which your soul. Yet you smile to pretend you are Okay, You are doing good.


When the Company chose me for a mission, (I was a natural choice of circumstances) the question that haunts me was an answer! whether should I go for an affirmative YES or do I say a DOUBTFUL-YES. Because deep inside me thoughts alarmed; Is this mission an appreciation or depreciation.? 


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