Alter-Ego: In conversation

FRANK SOULER is my alter-ego. He never responds to please anyone- Quite opposite to me at times. My questions to him never stops, nor them fade away. Our conversations are never private anymore. It took me a long time to convince him that it’s okay to speak up…

Frank, What about their allegation of you being a racist, They say  you like white people more.?

I think I appreciate beauty.

Beauty means white?

No..No.. Let me complete, Whatever be the subject I seek beauty. If it’s beautiful It attract me. But the point they making is paint, I mean the exterior(points to his skin-color). I’m not fond of that game. People are beautiful by the way they talk, think, love, sing, dance, cry, kiss…

In each person I look for the beauty, whether they talk beautifully, think beautifully, write beautifully… and imagine, some one fails in everything- in fact chances are very less, but, If some one fails to be beautiful in everything but feels beautiful by the paint, exterior; why not I appreciate it. That I don’t mean only white exterior is beautiful, white is a pretty color, but not the prettiest of all. Being beautiful is a choice. What I mean is It’s okay you be white-black-brown-or blue. I won’t hate you for being black-or-white, yet I appreciate you for being whatever color you are.

I want to taste every bud

Before they turn flower.

So as to cry in the evening

of the pain of sinful gift; life


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